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Coronavirus statement and consent

Please answer these COVID-19 screening questions to the best of your current knowledge, personal awareness and belief. If you are a Realtor, please ask your Clients these questions and answer on their behalf.

By answering these questions I understand:
1. Any affirmative answer may result in my inability to view a property for sale.
2. The answers to this questionnaire will be kept on file in the event that a listing agent requests them.
3. The seller’s agent may contact my agent for the sole purpose of informing if any person living in the viewed property is determined to have been exposed to COVID or if there are any other coronavirus-related developments in connection with the property that I wish to view.
4. If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of my viewing of the property for sale, I shall immediately contact my agent to advise them and that they may inform the seller’s listing agent and/or the seller of such diagnosis.

Only required if you are the Client filling out this form.

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