"I don't get to define who I am; my Clients do that for me"...

There are so many Realtors out there...why hire Kristy Mattiazzo?

I was looking to buy my first home and have been searching through MLS myself. After multiple frustrating occurrences where the listing I'm interested in got sold before I even got to see them, I luckily found Kristy online. She immediately drew my attention when she quickly responded to my first inquiry email on a late night. Kristy helped me stay ahead of the game by providing regular market updates, giving me information as soon as any good listings come on market, as well as working quickly on competitive analysis and providing accurate estimates to each listing's true worth. Moreover, during my search, she ensured that the listings she recommends are well suited to my interest and needs. She strikes me with her strong sense of responsibility and work ethics. Kristy has by far been the most professional and hardworking realtor I have encountered. I'm very satisfied with my new purchase, and I would not hesitate to recommend Kristy to anyone looking for a new home.

BUYER - M Zhang

Kristy Mattiazzo is the true definition of outstanding service and expertise in a Realtor.  I interviewed several Realtors before choosing Kristy and after some thorough research, she was the Realtor that I chose and I am so incredibly thankful that I did.  I immediately felt a connection with her as I genuinely felt her take an interest in my situation as it was quite complicated.  My mother was just diagnosed with cancer and my father just suffered a stroke.  Kristy was compassionate to my family's situation and took such amazing care of everyone involved; way beyond what any Realtor that I have every dealt with in the past has done.

Kristy is a dynamic woman who is always available for immediate assistance. She is honest, incredibly self-motivated and pays meticulous attention to detail!  She has a thorough understanding of the housing market and is on the cutting edge for advertising and promoting the sale of a home!  Kristy Mattiazzo = OUTSTANDING REALTOR!!!

SELLER - Claudia Durand

Thank you for the amazing job you did for me and my family in the handling of the sale of our family home.  Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated.  There were some things that you brought to our attention that turned out to be very important considerations that we never would have thought of.  We now really know the huge difference that a good professional staging can make.  Our house sold beyond what we had hoped for and very quickly as multiple offers came in after it was so beautifully staged.  Kristy - thank you for your hard work and professionalism.

SELLERS - N Catena 

When we decided to sell our townhouse, we were committed to taking an objective approach to finding the best Realtor.  That is, we wanted to decide with our heads, not with our hearts.  We interviewed several Realtors, including Kristy.  We came away from our interview with Kristy, impressed with her commitment, preparation and strategic approach.

When the time came to stage the townhouse, Kristy (Private Property Staging) far exceeded our already high expections.  Kristy had a clear strategy, was completely honest and made us feel that she was fully focused on our needs.

With all that said, the real proof is in the pudding.  We listed on March 18th, and held the first open house on March 22nd.   On March 23rd, we reviewed the offers and we accepted an offer that was well over asking before we went to bed that night".

SELLERS - J & P Mistry

Kristy is by far the most professional and effective Realtor that we have ever dealt with.  Honesty is a hard truth to hear sometimes and Sellers always hope that their home will sell for gold - we certainly did.  When Kristy told us that the market value of our condo was actually worth less than we had hoped, she successfully sold our unit at above our asking price.  She did this by staging our vacant condo with her business, Private Property Staging.  Our unit was gorgeous and Buyers were found in less than 1 week!

Kristy cares about her Clients and goes through to great lengths to sell for the highest possible price.  We definitely recommend Kristy to those looking to buy or sell their home.  We certainly will be retaining her services in the future.

SELLERS - L & A Wankowicz

TRUST - that is the foundation of any good relationship and certainly our with Kristy.  Kristy embodies professionalism; she went above and beyond to make sure to find us the right home.  I bought my house without even seeing it!?!  I went into labor on the same date as the open house and would have missed out on our beautiful home if it wasn't for my complete trust and confidence in KristyShe knew exactly what we were looking for and I trusted her when she said "this is the one".  She was right; we LOVE our new home!  This is a true testament to Kristy's understanding of the needs of our growing family.  We recommend Kristy to everyone we know!

BUYER - Lucya Kowalewski

The process of finding our dream house began long before we actually laid eyes on it. We had worked with Kristy four years ago in buying our first home and so our first step was to contact her to let her know that we were once again looking for another house. Kristy understands our family needs and wants, whether it was the house itself or the neighbourhood that we desired.

Kristy made us aware of many suitable homes for sale, even those not yet listed. Kristy worked tirelessly to not only ensure that our offer was presented in a timely fashion but that we remained at the forefront with the sellers. In fact, her professional and persistent manner played a key factor in our ability to enter into negotiations with a seller at an advanced stage in the process and yet come out on top.

But, finding the house of our dreams was only half of the equation. We needed to sell our existing house in order to complete the transaction. This is where Kristy’s ability to provide complete services as a home stager gave us a real advantage. She was immediately able to stage our house and transform it into something that had broad appeal. We were able to sell our house less than 3 days and we know that Kristy’s staging made it possible to receive multiple offers and sell for top dollar!

If we had to sum up what impresses us most about Kristy, it is that she is the consummate professional. She worked tirelessly and gave us a real advantage. Her knowledge and experience set our minds at ease and allowed us to make the best decision. Whether it was quality real estate advice, home staging or referring us to her mortgage experts, she provided us with full service. In short, making the purchase of a lifetime is something that we would not entrust to anyone other than Kristy.
BUYERS & SELLERS - Philip & Catherine Von Stefenelli

We employed Kristy's services to sell our condo and were very satisfied with the sale. Kristy is very hard working and conscientious, always accessible, and looked after all the details of our list and sale.  She maintained constant communication regarding showings, feedback from showings and market updates.

SELLERS - Alan Burns & Monica Sun

Kristy's website is great!  Once would assume it is like all the other real estate agents websites, however, with no pressure, I was finding all real estate listings with all of the details I wanted, all on 1 website.  I don't know why but other real estate sites do not have the most up to date information or even all of the listings available....but here it is, finally a 1 stop real estate website.

Fast forwarding to today, my wife and I are now first time homeowners.  I did what most people would do to investigate when buying a home which included looking into mortgages and real estate properties ets...but eventually I had to make a choice as to who I should trust with arguably one of the largest financial and life oriented decisions that we would ever have to make.

It can be a real stressful time in life, especially, if you lock yourself in with a Realtor who is doing it with the wrong motivations.  Thankfully, we feel very lucky to have found Kristy.  To put it simply, once we made our commitment for Kristy to be our Realtor, she was a force to be reckoned with.  A pitbull at finding the right homes for us to see and totally upfront with what to expect when negotiations began.  (and very helpful with the many other steps we needed to deal with in becoming property owners).

Our experience included viewing multiple locations but ended up putting an offer on the very first home that we saw.  The funny thing was that Kristy knew even before viewing it that it was the home that we would want but most importantly, neede for our family. 

I doubt that another could recommend a more trustrworthy Realtor I honestly feel like I was dealing with a close family member.  Thank you Kristy for your tireless efforts.  You will hear from us again!

BUYERS - Roy & Olga McCombe

We first met Kristy at an open house during the early stages of our search for our new home.  We were impressed by Kristy's professionalism, her friendly nature and her willingness to share her market knowledge with us even though we were not yet her Clients.

After searching on our own for some time with little success, we decided to seek Kristy's assistance in finding our new home.  Our experience with Kristy was an absolute positive one.  She was able to accommodate our difficult work schedules and after viewing many properties in different areas, she helped us define and narrow our search criteria through her honest and straightforward opinions.  Once we found our new home, Kristy worked energetically and very hard on our behalf to negotiate a very good deal for us in less than ideal condtions.  Kristy's professionalism, strong work ethic and attention to detail made the property transition smooth, happy and trouble free.

We would highly recommend Kristy to family and friends and will continue to seek Kristy's help for our future realty needs.  Thanks Kristy for all your hard work!

BUYERS - Pat & Vlatka Francois

WOW!!!  Kristy's work to sell our Burnaby home blew our minds!

Our first meeting with Kristy was unlike any other we had ever had with a Realtor.  After her initial preview of our house and explanation of her credentials, she set out to explain, in detail, all about her recommended selling strategies.  We learned so much from her about how to maximize the offers and perfect the appropriate asking price.  The FOR SALE sign went up on a Monday, she showed it Tuesday/Wednesday and we were looking at not 1 but 2 offers on the Thursday.  Her SOLD sign went up on the Friday of that same week!

Kristy is a dynamo with an A+ personality to match.  We are so grateful for everything she did to sell our house so quickly, keeping us fully informed every step of the way and always taking our concerns into consideration.  Kudo's to Kristy for her advice, hard work and dedication!  Thanks again Kristy...you're the best!

SELLERS - Roy & Sandra O'Neil

We have several investment condos in the Brentwood area and when one of our renters decided to break their lease and leave immediately, we were in a quandary as to what our best option was - lease out our apartment again or just sell it.  Going through the chore of interviews, appointments, viewings and checking references was the least desirable choice since we are retired and now living out of town.  With Kristy's knowledge of the area, her awareness of the developments planned in the forseeable future, plus her ability to assess what was best for us, our decision was made - hire Kristy to Sell!   Within 29 days of hearing from our renters, to putting the apartment on the market, and signeding the (almost asking) offer, we had the place sold with full peace of mind and confidence that the time was right, the apartment was priced right and we got the right realtor for the job!  Thanks Kristy!
SELLERS - Nicholas & Kandyce Keen

After renting for 3 years, I've dreamed about owning a home for me and my daughter.  I am so lucky to have found Kristy through her online marketing.  I found her website at www.privatepropertyrealty.com to be user friendly and the most up to date.  I almost immediately judged her to be a professional in the industry.  After back and forth email communication, I chose 3-4 ideal properties to view and Kristy booked the appointments to arrange a tour to visit each property listing.  During the tour, we got to know each other and she came to understand my needs even better than myself.

As a first time home buyer, I knew nothing about realty.  Kristy was always patient to answer all of my questions.  In addition, I can't imagine how she is always full of such energy!  She helped me to write and submit an offer and introduced useful realty tools and helpful articles.  She worked until 2am and sometimes 3am to get my offer accepted as I was working overseas and in a different time zone.  Throughout, her professionalism not only met by expectations, but exceeded them.  I can say that without her help, I could not receive such a great deal.

I also hired Kristy and her staging company, Private Property Staging to furnish my unit so that I could secure a tenant. She amazed me by completing all the work in such a short amount of time!  Her attention to detail also included items such as a coffee pot, pans, cutlery, plates etc so to attract a renter quickly.  I am so impressed and happy!  For all the things that Kristy has done, I can't express my appreciation in simple words.

I would recommend Kristy to everyone that I know.  I feel so lucky to find my property expert at the beginning stages of my realty purchase.  I will definitely use her realty and staging services again!

BUYER - Hongjun Wu

I was referred to Kristy Mattiazzo by a co-worker who had worked with her multiple times in the past and had nothing but praise for her. From the first email exchange she was friendly and informative and took away all my apprehension about being a first time home buyer. She provided me with lots of great information on what would be involved in the process and set me up with a contact for a wonderful mortgage broker so we could get the process underway. Kristy was fully available at all times and made me feel like a priority, even working around my difficult shift work schedule. She set me up with viewings that fit my ideal location, budget and specific needs. I looked forward to the showings as she was very thorough, knowledgeable and not afraid to voice her concerns with any of the buildings, making me absolutely sure that she would not allow me to settle for anything less. Within three weeks of meeting Kristy I had a whole new perspective on the real estate market, a wealth of new information, an accepted offer on my ideal new home (below asking), and a new friend! I will absolutely be referring all my friends and family to Kristy for their real estate needs, and look forward to working with her again. I can't imagine working with anyone else!

BUYER - Tara Carroll

We have worked with Kristy since 2006 when we bought our first condo. We recently used both her Realty & Staging services to list our condo, which sold in one day, thanks to Kristy's beautiful staging design from Private Property Staging and her team! The investment fee was well worth it as it paid for itself. Staging saved us money and time as we didn't have to sit on the market during the winter and brought us more money than we were asking. Believe the statistics as it worked for us!

Kristy is always professional, really work on your behalf in negotiations. reliable, on time (usually early!) and can Everything you want in a Realtor! She also does those extras that mean a lot and are are very helpful.... along with lots of sound advice. Thanks to Kristy the buying and selling of properties was as smooth, easy and stress-free as it could be!  

SELLERS & BUYERS - T & M Mumford  

After a disappointing experience with another Realtor, and on the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Kristy to sell our home. We were blown away with her professionalism, dedication, ethics and attention. She gave us heart-and-soul. Her good advise (even when we didn't want to hear it), market knowledge (and constant updates), staging advice and practical tips all added up to the successful sale of our home. We would highly recommend Kristy to everyone. Our gratitude for her help is boundless!


SELLERS - Nicholas & Kandyce Keen
As our Realtor, we could not have asked for a more proficient and enthusiastic person to handle the sale of our condo. You went way above and beyond what a conventional realtor would have done to facilitate this sale. Being out of town owners your straightforwardness and self-confidence made it unproblematic event for us. You deserve our highest acclamation!

SELLERS - Douglas & Helga Beguin


My family and I set out to find a new home that would fit our lifestyle and we decided to call Kristy to help us. We had all the faith in the world she would guide us in the right direction, and she did just that. Not only was it exciting to find our ‘home-sweet-home’, but it was exciting finding it with Kristy. Her advice, knowledge and perseverance landed us the perfect place! Thanks Kristy!

BUYERS - Scott Sneddon & Tara Brandolini

When it was time for us to buy a house we needed someone to guide us through the entire process. Having recently moved back to Canada, we weren’t sure of where to buy, or even how much we could afford and what type of questions we needed to be asking in order to make these decisions. A friend recommended Kristy to us and she worked tirelessly on our behalf and was a terrific resource, especially when one of the houses we sought after had an underground oil tank to contend with. We enjoyed working with Kristy and now consider her & her family our friends and would recommend her to anyone thinking of buying or selling their home!

BUYERS - Catherine & Philip Von Stefenelli

I have known Kristy for a while now. Every time I meet with her, I find her professional and pleasant to deal with. She cares for her clients and her business partners equally. She is knowledgable about all aspects of real estate and staging and is passionate about her work. I am proud to be affiliated with her. She is like a breath of fresh air in this world. I would love to recommend her services to all my contacts!

ASSOCIATE PARTNER - PJ Juneja - Maple Leaf Self Storage

Our family recently employed Kristy Mattiazzo to find a family home for our son and his daughter in Port Coquitlam. Kristy worked hard to find the right property that met the needs of his young family while staying within his financial parameters.


Kristy was careful to consider the family dynamic of this purchase. She was very professional, and her upbeat approach made the stress of purchasing this home a more enjoyable experience.


Our family will continue to work with Kristy to locate future properties. We would not hesitate to recommend Kristy as a Real Estate Consultant to our friends and business associates!

BUYER - Rita Carter
Our first contact with Kristy was over the phone and instantly we knew that we had found the right Realtor for us!   She presented herself in a professional and pleasant manner.  She is a great communicator, knows her business very well and was always available to answer any of our questions.  Thank you Kristy for finding the first of our many homes to come!  We will definitely go to her again and again!

BUYERS - Marshal & Madina

I was a first time home buyer wanting to own a place instead of renting but I had little idea on how to go about buying a home. Once I called Kristy Mattiazzo she walked me through all the steps that I needed to take for buying my first home. Her website allowed me to point out properties of interest so that she could do research on them. She had extensive knowledge on every showing that we did and she could point out problems with infrastructure that are not very obvious to the first-time home buyer. Throughout the entire process, if you ever had a question you could send her an e-mail and within minutes you would have a response! When it came time to put a bid down, she negotiated hard to make the deal go through while fighting to save me as much money as possible. You cannot find a real estate agent more knowledgeable or more resourceful than Kristy Mattiazzo!

BUYER - Robert Laflamme

You are a wonderful person and an excellent professional.  I feel very privileged to have known you.  I wish you and your family all the best!

SELLER - Marie Gales
I contracted Kristy's services to help sell my apartment in New Westminster.  Her knowledge and skills made it a quick and profitable transaction.  Her pleasant, professional demeanour made it painless; even though this was a sale due to the end of a marriage.

Her suggestions and staging set me up for success and I am very happy with her efforts!

SELLER - Ian Burns

I highly recommend Kristy to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  Kristy is a person of great integrity.  She is knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, personable and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to produce the desired results.  You can keep looking if you want but you won't find anyone better!


Kristy Mattiazzo is an A+ Realtor.  She is thorough in her analysis of the market, fast in delivering what she promises and, while professional, treated me in a caring and considerate way.

SELLER - Tanis Halliwell

I would like to personally recommend Kristy.  Kristy is very knowledgable, honest and adds insight to everything she does. Kristy delivers what she commits to with energy and is always a pleasure to deal with and be associated with.  I highly recommend Ms. Mattiazzo whenever the opportunity arises!

ASSOCIATE PARTNER - Vince D'Ovidio & Associates