How Much to Ask?

Before you list your home, you must determine your asking price. This largely depends on the selling price of other properties in your neighbourhood with comparable square footage, amenities and features.

The asking price is usually established somewhat higher than its actual worth to provide some room for negotiation. Setting it too high may deter some prospects and result in a longer selling period. When a home is 'priced to sell' with a lower asking price, it may capture a lot of attention but it can also cause some 'too-good-to-be-true' skepticism. Your Sutton Associate can guide you through this issue.

A quick MLS search will give you a rough idea of the competition amongst properties for sale in your area. But as market conditions fluctuate frequently and purchasing conditions are often complex, sellers do best to consult a Sutton REALTOR® to perform a professional competitive market analysis based on comparable properties in the same market.

Sutton Associates have access to detailed information on current listing prices, recent sales reports, and timely market conditions to give you an accurate, competitive assessment of what potential buyers are willing to pay for your home.

With expertise on real estate markets and valuable selling experience, Sutton Associates can create a powerful selling strategy that accounts for all your selling expectations including price, time-to-sell and special terms and conditions. You may also decide to enhance your offering by including additional items ('chattels') or incentives such as appliances, window coverings or creative financing within your listing agreement.

In the end, your Sutton Associate will help you get the right price for your home with the best terms and conditions for your needs.