Service Guarantee


You can count on my commitment to sell your property. My Marketing Plan will outline how I plan to promote your property, how I will attract Buyer interest and how I will position your property to sell. If you feel at any time that I am not fulfilling my commitment to you, don't hestiate to advise me immediately. If your dissatisfaction is unresolved, you may cancel the listing agreement at any time.

That is my commitment to you.

When you choose me to list and sell your property, I promise to:
  • Effectively market your property
  • Be completely truthful with all communications
  • Rectify or clarify any problems or questions you may have
  • Supply you with market updates (new active and sold listings)


When you choose me to help you find and purchase a property, I promise to:
  • Keep you well-informed of all new listings on a regular basis
  • Professionally represent you during negotiations
  • Negotiate favourable terms and conditions
  • Prepare a legally binding Contract of Purchase & Sale
  • Assist in arranging suitable financing
  • Assist in arranging property inspections and other needed services
  • Assist in the completion and possession dates