Buyers Incentive Program

Kristy Mattiazzo introduces the Buyers Incentive Program. Buyers will receive, at closing, financial rewards equivalent to $300.00 of the Selling commission paid to Kristy Mattiazzo by the Seller. The Buyer simply has to agree, in writing, to work exclusively with Kristy Mattiazzo.

What does that mean? Just as a Seller would make an agreement in writing to work with a Listing Agent, a Buyer would agree to work exclusively with Kristy, as their Buyers Representative. With an agreement in place, you will be a VIP BUYER.

Kristy's level of commitment increases as she can dedicate her time to:

  • Previewing listings
  • Networking on your behalf to obtain new listing information prior to a home being listed for sale
  • Visiting listings without all parties to the contract being present
  • Offering first right of refusal on a property over other clients interested in one property
  • Arrange appointment time for chosen home inspector
  • Offer personal connections and discount to services needed throughout the buying process

In addition to the above services, Kristy will:

  • Identify desirable types of properties to acquire
  • Locate properties available to view & consider
  • Offer guidance and advice
  • Select the right property on which to make an offer
  • Prepare a legally binding Contract of Purchase & Sale
  • Negotiate favourable terms and conditions
  • Assist in arranging financing if necessary
  • Recommend services such as lawyers, notaries, inspectors
  • Assist in the completion & possession dates