A quick search for condo's in Central Burnaby in a range of $100K to $275K returns 42 results with the lowest price at $170,000.

A corner suite at 650 square feet in a central location under $200K seems like an excellent opportunity for first time buyers. If the buyer is lucky enough to have a spare cash, they would be able to put their design stamp on the apartment and still come in under budget.

When we look at the condo market in Vancouver, it pales in comparison to Burnaby real estate which offers a 783 square foot apartment in a concrete tower with pool and tennis courts for $249,900 overlooking Central Park.

On Vancouver’s east side, an attractive 580 square foot condo in a wood framed building on busy and somewhat undesirable East Broadway, is offered at $227,000. The square footage comparison alone puts the winning condo firmly in Burnaby.

For growing families who may be second time buyers, Burnaby boasts a 2 bed/2 bath condo at 905 square feet on the south side of Central Park at $259,000 in a concrete building.

Burnaby City Hall needs to start a bit of marketing campaign that says “Buy Burnaby” that highlights the low cost, great value of the condo market in Burnaby.

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